Ford Focus HID Conversion

Modifications and Customization - Shield Removal

In the quest for a brighter and better light distribution, some Focus enthusiats have come up with some interesting solutions. This modification comes courtesy of chris_k and Yel-Low zx3 of . Below is the post , with images courtesy of chris_k . Please note you can also click on the images below to open up a larger image.

After removing the upper shields from the projectors and reaiming the HID headlamps, there was a significant increase in foreground light. Yesterday I only removed the shield from the right headlamp and they were not aimed at all so the results were least expected.

Here are the pics:

1. Begin by removing the headlamps from the vehicle.

2. Pop off headlamp covers from the back.

3. There are three 7mm nuts securing the projector to the headlamp. Untighten and remove. Disconnect the wires to the ignitor box and detach the female spade ground connector.

4. Now for the hard part. CAREFULLY remove projector from headlamp housing. This is crucial as the projector lense may scratch. The headlamp aiming ball and socket may need to be loosened for easier removal of the projector.
Locate the two small projector bowl shield tabs. I used a flathead screwdriver to lift/pry them.
Once the shield is loose, carefully remove it. the edges are sharp and may scratch the projector bowl surface or cut up your hand (click on the images for a closer view).
Before After

Large res shots HERE (Imagestation)

I HIGHLY recommend the mod for those looking to improve light output in the Mach Audio HID headlamps.

Thanks to Yel-Low Zx3, You tha man! At this point everything should be working properly. The city lights should come on with the parking lights, the turn signals should work, and the low and high beams should be fully functional.

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