Step 5: Setting up the High Beams

(Click on the images for a larger scale image.)

On both sides of the steering column there is a small clip. Using a flat tool/edge, push the clips in and gently lift the cover up


Unplug the gray connector on the left side of the steering column that runs into the multifunction switch (turn signal/high beam lever).

Connect wires 8 and 9 (green-red & green-blue) on the gray plug that you pulled out on the back where the wires go in. A 2cm length of the leftover VW wiring stripped both ends will suffice. Shape the wire into a "U" shape with it and place it into the holes. It's a perfect fit.

Reconnect the gray connector, close up the plastic covering, turn the headlights on, and test the high beams. The xenon lights should now stay on when the lever is released and the high beams remain on.

Note: This is basically it for the "hacked" method of the HID conversion. If you want to aim your lights, then continue to our new section: Aiming Your HID's.


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